Board Certified in Addiction Medicine
Member of the Bar
of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
and the
State of New Jersey

For Attorneys

DWI and Other Expert Legal Services

Dr. Gooberman combines his degrees in the fields of medicine and law to give him a valuable perspective with his work as an expert in DWI and alcohol cases.
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Medical Practice

Addiction Medicine Practice

Dr. Gooberman helps patients recover from drug and alcohol addiction in his private medical practice. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and has given lectures worldwide on the subject.
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Naltrexone Pellets

Pellet Technologies

Drug addicts wanting to quit often relapse after becoming clean because they can’t stop themselves from using the drug again. Dr. Gooberman invented a method of administering Naltrexone maintenance therapy that allows these people to become productive members of society.

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