Patented Process

US Patent No. 5,789,411

– Improvements to rapid opioid detoxification

US Patent No. 6,004,962

– Rapid opioid detoxification

US Patent No. 6,203,813

– Pharmaceutical delivery device and method of preparation therefor

US Patent No. 8,791,093

– Pharmaceutical delivery systems for treatment of substance abuse and other addictions

US Patent No. 10,568,842

– Anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical compositions and methods of administration

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US Patent Applications

No. 2001/0036469

– Opiate Antagonist Implant and Process for Preparation Therefore

No. 2010/0196436

– Implants Containing Disulfiram and an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

No. 2012/0164207

– Degradable Networks for Sustained Release and Controlled Release Depot Drug Delivery Applications

No. 2012/0270783

– Rapid Opioid Detoxification

No. 2018/0092839

– Medicated Spray for Treatment of Substance Abuse, Overdose, Addiction and Impulse Control Disorders