Medical Practice

After finishing medical school in 1978 Dr. Lance Gooberman completed a rotating internship at the Wilmington Medical Center and a residency in internal medicine at Cooper Hospital/ University Medical Center. He then practiced emergency medicine while developing a primary care practice. He continued in primary care for 12 years. In 1987 Dr. Gooberman developed an interest in addiction medicine and began to focus his practice in that area. In 1999 he was certified by examination from The American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Gooberman then began to focus his practice almost entirely on addiction medicine and in 1996 he sold his primary care practice in order to concentrate on addiction medicine full time. He became a fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine in 1999 based upon his community service, writing and teaching in addiction medicine. His area of concentration was opiate addiction and he received three United States Patents or innovations in this area.

As a result of these activities Dr. Gooberman was frequently asked to provide expert opinion in his area of expertise. He has been qualified numerous times and in many jurisdictions for his expertise in medicine generally and addiction medicine more specifically.